What Should SEOs do When Website Traffic Falls

There are probably thousands of blog posts online which explain how a website can get organic traffic through SEO. There is no dearth in knowledge on how SEOs should go about doing keyword research and creating content to get high search rankings says Gaurav Heera. 

How many blogs are there on stopping a decline in traffic?

The very fact that very few blogs actually talk about this problem signifies that not many have a solution to this. SEOs face a blip in traffic all the time. Some emerge wiser from it, others keep depending on dumb luck to get the traffic back says Gaurav Heera. 

There are many layers to stopping a decline in traffic. Besides stopping the traffic from falling, SEOs also have to investigate the reason behind the fall to make sure such a thing doesn’t happen again. 

A decline in traffic is not unusual, especially for SEOs who have worked in the field for some time. 

In this article, we explore some key tips to stop a fall in traffic. 

Analyse sources of traffic

The first step should always be to break down where the website gets its traffic. This involves segmenting incoming traffic into categories like organic, direct, paid, and social.

If there is a fall in any one of the sources of traffic, that could be the reason why there is an overall fall in traffic. For instance, if there is a fall in organic traffic, SEOs should check their search rankings on specific keywords. If direct traffic has fallen, the reason could be based on the deeper perception of the brand in the market says Gaurav Heera. 

Backlinks Quality

If SEOs used spammy link building techniques some time back, a reason for a fall in traffic could be Google penalizing them for backlink quality. 

Techniques such as social bookmarking, forum posting, search engine submission, and so on, are no longer as valid as they were touted to be. Search engines have grown smarter and ignore backlinks created through such spammy methods says Gaurav Heera. 

If SEOs are seeing a fall in traffic due to poor quality of backlinks, they will have to create smarter ways to build backlinks and remove previously created spammy backlinks. 

Traffic Eaten by Featured Snippetssays Gaurav Heera

Featured snippets refer to search listing which picks out content from a webpage to give a direct answer to a search query instead of just showing the meta description. 

While getting content to reach featured snippets is a compliment to the quality of the content, it often leads to users to not come to the website and instead read the answer and leave. 

Thus, getting on a featured snippet may not always be the solution it is touted to be. If SEOs find that their traffic is getting eaten away because their content has landed on featured snippets, it might be time for them to rank for another relevant keyword says Gaurav Heera. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers the basics of how to stop a fall in traffic. 

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