What jewellery can women wear with traditional clothes

Jewellery, one of the oldest forms of body adornment, along with enhancing the beauty of a person, also highlights that person’s status and wealth in society. The aesthetic satisfaction that one gets when one wears any form of jewellery cannot be emphasized in words. Jewellery, although worn primitively as a symbol of power, now represents one’s traditions and culture in a beautiful form. Jewellery, especially those that are worn with traditional clothes display the brilliant craftsmanship that goes into building and continuing age-old traditions and customs.

Mainly worn during festive occasions and important events, traditional jewellery adds details as well as completes the overall look of a person. These kinds of jewellery do not only act as a fashion statement but reflects your personality too. Hatton Garden jewellery shops offer the best options of jewellery that you can wear with traditional clothes. Below-mentioned are some of the jewellery that women can wear with traditional clothes:

  1. Earrings– Ethnic Victorian style earrings with antique gold finish and pearl drops can be a fashionable as well as classy addition to your traditional wear. Pearl highly complements traditional clothes and adds splendour to one’s personality. You can also go for Gold chandelier earrings if your ensemble suits it.
  2. Necklace– Victorian style choker necklaces that will make you feel like a true Lady are a great way to enhance your traditional clothing. Necklaces designed with either pearls or crystals with gold-plated or silver-plated finishing looks beautiful to wear on occasions. Diamond necklaces are also classic pieces to adorn yourself. Intricate designs which adorn pearl and diamond together can look great with bridal wear.
  3. Bracelet– Dramatic silver pieces like Hawaiian designs or classic platinum bands are brilliant ornaments that you can adorn with your traditional wear. Gorgeous sterling silver bracelet with round ivory pearls make for a standard and classic piece of jewellery to go with your traditional wear, especially your bridal gown. 
  4. Ring– Taking cue from the Royal family, the importance of a classic piece of ring cannot be stressed enough. Whether it be a natural yellow gold ring with round cut diamonds or a traditional Hawaiian hand engraved ring, a beautiful ring can be a great company for that traditional look of yours. Engagement rings Hatton Gardens provides a wide variety that you can choose for your partner and make them feel special. Antique emerald or diamond rings have been in the fashion since forever so you can opt for them too.
  5. Pendant-If you think a necklace is too heavy to carry, you can opt for a simple yet beautiful pendant to go with your traditional look. A single freshwater ivory pearl on a thin gold chain is just the right ornament for you if you want to go for the minimalistic look. Such kind of a pendant not only signifies simplicity but also exudes pure elegance.

So, make a statement in your traditional clothes by wearing bracelets, necklace along with earrings as well as a classic ring to give off a poised and luxurious look no matter what occasion you attend.

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