PrettyBird Clone App – Boost Your Salon Profits with Beauty Service App Solution

Salon beauty services are increasingly growing. By developing on demand beauty service app solutions for your salon business you will witness:

  • Hike in your online presence
  • Attract more customers
  • Build a loyal customer base
  • Retain the existing ones
  • Boost profits

Problems People Were Facing When It Comes To Salon Appointments

We are leading a busy life and with thousands of things on our minds, salon appointments were always sidelined. What most of the women confessed that when they were free, and find it convenient they did not get the appointment? To book their salon appointment, they have to wait for months to get one. And not this, when they needed any hairstylist or makeup on an immediate basis they did not have choices but to do it themselves. Witnessing the salon appointment woes, the advent of the PrettyBird clone app eliminates these problems.

The users once downloaded the app, will have to choose from the mentioned beauty service categories, book the appointment, do the payment and wait for the beautician to arrive at your place. It is that easy, and that simple. You get to book an appointment and get your beauty regime done in as little as one hour.

Developing PrettyBird Clone App for Your Business?

The biggest perk to develop a PrettyBird clone app for your salon business includes:

Increases growth of your business

Having an demand app for your business provides great ease to the customers offering them services on the go. Since the app is available 24/7/365 they can pre-book their appointments, thus your online salon is practically open for them which increases the influx of the appointments, thus growing your business.

Seamless salon management

When you are maintaining everything manually, not only it is time-consuming but prone to errors. The app dashboard automates your entire salon – right from appointments to payments everything is straightened out. You can review your entire salon activity on a real-time basis.


Sending alerts and push notifications to your customers will keep them updated about the new beauty services, new timings, and extra timings if your salon is open on holidays, price reduction, promo deals, and much more.

Expands your virtual location

You may have your physical salon located in one place, but having developed a beauty service app solution virtually expands your location. You can eventually increase the beautician resources to reach out to fulfill the growing demands.

Essential Features to Have In PrettyBird Clone App

  • Should easily accommodate end number of users for appointment
  • View beautician profile in detail
  • Schedule appointment seamlessly
  • Search the beautician by specialty
  • Multiple payments
  • Feedback and ratings
  • Bill estimation
  • Generate invoice

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Beauty Service App Solution?

Frankly, there is no specific answer to this. No company can give you a ‘fix” reply to this. Developing an on-demand PrettyBird clone app can depend on the custom-made features, technology stack used, UI/UX, a platform to build, and so on. Additionally, how many app developers are working on the project also counts. Typically, a mobile app company will charge on an hourly basis or you can fix an amount to develop the app. 

Also, there is a cost of maintenance to add if you want your app to run seamlessly, the technical assistance is a must thing. Thus, discussing your concept with a white-label company will be the best idea in giving you clarity on the cost.

You Have An Idea In Your Mind?

If you have been having a feel on whether you should invest in an app like On-demand beauty, then you should. This type of app hit the mind of the people concerned with their beauty. PrettyBird clone on demand beauty application which understands the true value of their customers and believes in building trust among their customers by providing great services to them. You can also go with any other application which provides you credible and amazing service.

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