Locking in Focus and Attention with Online and eLearning – The Most Effective Solution

The ability to focus is a key attribute for performance. It is also a key ingredient in memory, retention and the internalization of learning. Online learning, specifically eLearning, has this advantage over face to face learning. It boosts focus given the nature of the process. When the content of the eLearning is diversity, equality and such complex items as unconscious bias, which may be first time exposure to new concepts and ideas, the natural momentum of eLearning is amplified.

Anyone who has ever undertaken eLearning will vouch for the fact that eLearning, given its interactive and learner driven nature, holds focus from beginning to end as it is engineered to be challenging. There are no passengers in the classroom of eLearning. Only the individual themselves performs and must demonstrate knowledge acquisition and application through a series of participation in scenarios, quizzes, role plays, tests and the like.  

eLearning on diversity and equality incorporates the best aspects of adult learning. There is an appreciation of the need to maximize focus and attention by creating bite size learning “chunks” that can be easily digested. Often key topics and messages are split with the ability to “bookmark” allowing learners to flex in and out of learning and complete it over several sessions if necessary. This makes sense as well with our busy dynamic work schedules and multitasking orientation.

Online learning has also evolved, not only to focus on eLearning, but to connect the eLearning to varied resources. Progressive partners in online learning diversity may provide searchable learning portals for on-demand knowledge expansion. It’s great to be able to access important articles, case studies or other salient material on diversity, equality and unconscious bias via such other avenues.

Another often overlooked design element of eLearning is that it is configured to reward the learner for focus and attention throughout. Knowledge acquisition is affirmed and praised when the learner gets it right and guided and encouraged to try again when they might have missed subtle points or cues. The frequency of feedback built into eLearning builds focus and attention naturally. .

People can also focus their attention more in an environment where they are comfortable. With online and eLearning, we are no longer chained to the desk or conference facilities etc. We have the freedom to take our mobile technology anywhere. We can go sit under a tree in a beautiful scenic surrounding to plug into the learning zone of our choice. This makes eLearning a pleasant option that is in sync with the new age approach to trusting employees to be self-driven and independent in owning and optimizing their learning and growth. This type of new mental space will facilitate an orientation that takes eLearning on diversity and equality outside of stuff that is “mandatory” and surrounds it with the aura of progress.

Our focus and attention increase when we are in control and feel calm and relaxed.

Online learning and eLearning whilst not new, certainly represents a break with the old and getting familiar with the new. It adds to the thrill and adventure that enlarging our experience on diversity, equality and unconscious bias represent.  Combining online learning and eLearning with focus and attention, we are finally able to keep pace with important changes in our dynamic world. We are at the forefront of what is possible, as never before. As they say, opportunities don’t wait. Either you use them or you lose them. Think about it!

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