Commit To Healthy Food Options by Shopping From Kibsons Clone App

On-demand Grocery Delivery App like Kibsons is a major game-changer especially if you are shifting to a healthier lifestyle. Amidst Covid19 hitting, the entire lifestyle schedule has been disrupted. Let along living healthy and dieting. With on and off lockdowns imposing, it is difficult to even think about reducing your waistline. However, all thanks to the Grocery Delivery App. Kibson Clone App can be a revolutionary app in helping people adopting a healthier lifestyle.

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Promoting Kibsons Clone App As A Good Lifestyle Choice

  • It saves the buyer from impulsive shopping

Impulsive grocery shopping is the reason behind people unable to reduce their weight or wish to change their dietary habits. Building a Kibson Clone App will allow them to order specific grocery items eliminating impulsive buying. Thus, it aids in eating right and healthy.

  • Get to eat only fresh veggies and fruits

The Grocery Delivery app like Kibson will have a wide range of Fresh groceries and products to choose from. Thus, it makes it the most preferred app when it comes to buying fresh veggies and fruits. The buyers can comfortably order their fresh produces and get them delivered to their doorstep.

  • Makes it convenient to prepare healthy meals

The Kibson Clone App has a variety of groceries categorized. Thus, helping buyers to choose accordingly. As a matter of fact, there are separate aisles for such grocery items that are mostly needed for preparing healthy/dietary meals.  

  • Shop specifically for weight loss

For different people, there are different weight loss goals. Integrating your Kibson clone App with grocery items that aid in weight loss. This not only boosts your app’s revenue but helps to spread awareness of helping people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Helps maintain a healthy pantry

You can stock up with the necessary groceries and fresh food products. So, this way you have everything you need to prepare healthy meals for your family.

Know-How KIBSONS Clone App Works

  • The customer once downloads the app, can quick register through social media accounts, email id, and phone number
  • The customer can explore nearby grocery stores and the categories to begin online shopping
  • The app enables to quickly add groceries to the cart
  • The user applies a promo code and makes online payment through the secured payment gateway
  • The customer receives the notification about the delivery confirmation
  • The store owner then packs the order delivery assigning the package to the nearest driver
  • The delivery driver picks up the order delivery
  • The customer can track the orders on the real-time basis
  • The delivery is delivered at the doorstep
  • The customers provide feedback and rating

Prominent Add Ons the KIBSON Clone App Offers Due To COVID19 Situation

  • Contactless delivery

The delivery driver leaves the grocery packages at the doorstep. Thus, it prevents human contact along with ensuring lowering the virus transmission.

  • Screening of delivery executive

The delivery driver’s temperature is taken at regular intervals. Thus, this ensures that safety protocols are practiced in the staff.

  • Digital payments

To lower the risk, your Grocery Delivery App in Dubai must encourage digital payments only. Integrate your app with multiple secured payment options so that the customers have the flexibility to pay with ease.

  • Safety badges

The safety badges allow the customers to know that these many grocery stores are practicing COVID19 safety features. Thus, safety badges allow them to shop for their groceries knowing they are buying from a safe place.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Grocery Delivery App In Dubai?

Developing anything right from the scratch is going to take a lot of our time in researching. Hence, the cost is going to increase over time. The Grocery Delivery App cost for the Dubai location will vary. Depending on the several factors that include:

  • Geographical location
  • App platform
  • App building technologies
  • Testing and deployment

Thus, the best way to reduce the development cost is to buy a ready-made solution. The KIBSONS Clone script is built on the latest technology. Therefore, the features can be customized as per your business necessities.

Outsourcing it to an offshore Grocery Delivery App development company will help you personalize it. Discussing the clone concept with your team can help leverage the features that you are aiming for your targeted audience. Additionally, the technical team will help you through with the installation and the launch process. Making it extremely easy to launch your Kibsons Clone App.

Author Bio:Anurag Rathod is an editor at, he is passionate about guiding app-based startup solutions and providing on demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid tech reader and loves creating ideas which are out of the box to promote new mobile app technologies.

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