7 Key Details to Look When Buying a Leather Jacket


Having a leather jacket in your wardrobe is something no one can argue with. You cannot pass on with your life without it. However, buying a leather jacket is not that easy. There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind while doing so. Specifically, if this is your first time or if you had one but it isn’t a real one and now you have finally decided to get an authentic leather jacket, you need to be very cautious about the process.

Buying a leather jacket is like making an investment. Like a house, you might not get a higher price when reselling it, but you certainly think about it in the same way as you think about your home in most cases; you will have it with you for a long time. Most probably for a lifetime. So basically it is a one-time thing. While it is not necessary and you can surely own more than one leather jacket, having at least one in your wardrobe is a must.

Since we all are now well aware of how serious this process is, we need to know exactly what details to look for when buying a Mens Black Aviator leather jacket. Trust me, if you have these things in mind which we will be explaining in a while, you can surely get the perfect jacket for yourself. So, here is a list of 7 key details that you need to look for when you next go for Leather Jacket Shopping or when you decide to buy it online:

  1. Material: yes, it is a very obvious yet extremely important thing to keep in mind. Those of you who have had a bad experience would know how easily you can be deceived into buying something that feels like real leather but is definitely not. Hence, if you really want to get a real leather jacket, you need to be very cautious of the material used. So, if you are looking for genuine leather, which is the only one that entails the capacity of lasting a life time, you need to know that it will be made of animal skin. Furthermore, the material normally also has inconsistent pores and different marks/lines which can help you in identifying the material well.

If you are buying it from brand, you can mostly rest assured that if it says genuine, it will be genuine leather only, and if it is faux leather they will also mention that. The reason behind it is simple; no brand would like to have their image destroyed in the market place which can now be done quite easily by the unsatisfied consumers! However, if it is not a brand, make sure to keep the above pointers in mind.

  1. Fitting: the second most important detail to look at is the fitting of your jacket. Since it is a leather jacket, there can be several aspects which needs to be identified when it comes to fitting. Especially because you might be wearing it on a regular basis and at various occasions so it should be comfortable enough for all kinds of situations.

Four main parts of the jacket from which you can check the fitting are: Shoulder, armhole, sleeves and length. Mostly you have padded shoulders but you need to make sure that they are lined with your shoulders perfectly. For the armholes, it is preferred to have them high, lower armholes will result in poor fitting and you will not feel comfortable or look classy with that look. The sleeves length really depends on how you prefer it, but make sure that the sleeves are fitted but not too tight, or else you wouldn’t be able to even move your hand properly with the jacket on. Lastly, for the length of the jacket, it should normally be around your waist so that it can cover your waistband. You can go for longer jackets as well but that’s an exceptional case.

  1. Style: after you are sure about the material and the fitting, you can now move on to the style of the jacket. Originally you will only try the jackets for fitting once you like the style but in the order of importance, style matters less than fitting. However, if you are big on looks, you can keep this on your priority list. Whatever your choice is, style matters. We all know that leather jackets possess the ability of making someone look extremely cool in just seconds but this does not mean that every or any style would suit you. For example, the collar style, cuffs and closure of a jacket deeply affect the looks, and you need to choose a jacket which compliments your style, not something that a celebrity preferred to wear. Plus you can always go with the classis looks which never gets old (if it complements your fashion sense)
  2. Inner Lining: after being sure about the major aspects of a jacket, you need to go in a bit more detail with the specifications. Hence, inner lining can matter the most when it comes to details and personal comfort. Basically, it all depends on your use of the jacket. If you are buying a leather jacket for everyday use, you would probably feel better with a viscose lining. However, if the jackets main purpose is to serve for extreme winters or snowy weather, having a fur lining is a must. So it really depends on your priorities because you cannot wear a fur lining jacket on a daily basis and you should most certainly not rely on viscose lining for a snowy weather.
  3. Stitching: another significant aspect of knowing which jacket is for you is to look at the stitching closely. This might not look like an important aspect but even with real leather, if the stitching is done poorly, it would be of no use. Once you have decided on investing money in such a thing, isn’t it better to invest it properly? Even if you are buying online, you can check the stitching by looking closely at the pictures, it’s not that hard to tell a poor stitching from a good one but it is for sure necessary.
  4. Pockets: this is also one of those personal preference points in which you need to decide what you want. If you want to go with a minimalistic image, having two welted waist pockets and maybe a front zipper would be enough. However, if you want a more casual look with several flap pockets and zippers, you can get that as well. We have now a wide range of leather jackets covering the needs of almost everyone out there so just make your mind up before filling your shopping cart!
  5. Color: last on our list is the color of the leather jacket. Most people prefer to get a black leather jacket at Abbraci, especially if it is their first, which to be very honest is reasonable enough. However, this in no way means that black is the only color. You can always go with brown or mustard or any other color that you think would define your taste better. Although, most of us would still want to own at least one black leather jacket and there is nothing wrong with that too!

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