How To Keep Your Auto Air Conditioning As Good As New

To function properly, your auto air conditioning requires regular maintenance.  A few simple checks from time to time can help you keep your auto AC healthy and efficient. Below are some tips by expert air con service mechanics in this regard:

1 Turn On The Air Conditioning For At Least 10 Minutes Every Two Weeks

Air conditioning is most often used in summer. It lowers and stabilizes the temperature within the vehicle. In addition, it filters ambient impurities and decreases humidity inside the car. However, when the temperatures drop, we tend to use less air conditioning. But, it is essential to use it from time to time to keep it in shape. You can use it to remove the fog more quickly on the windshield. Whether it’s summer or winter, it is essential to turn on the air conditioning for at least 10 minutes every two weeks. It maintains your air conditioning and improves its well-being. 

2 Perform An Efficiency Check Every Year

Note that on average, air conditioning fluid can last up to a few years. But this time can be reduced if you use the device very regularly. To ensure that your air conditioning system is working properly, do not hesitate to perform an efficiency check every year. You can search out for a reliable air conditioning service in Perth to do this for you. 

3 Provide Antibacterial Treatment Every Year

Your auto air conditioning system requires antibacterial treatment every year. Without it, you might face several issues that can convert into a pain in the neck in the long term. Here are some signs that alert you to the need for antibacterial treatment to avoid any ill effects: 

  • The air produced is no longer very fresh.
  • You feel like you’re suffocating in the cabin of your car.
  • Your air conditioning gives off bad odors.

4 Check The Gas/ Refrigerant At Every Air Con Service

Your air conditioning works with a refrigerant or gas that is volatile and a lubricant. When the gas is no longer present in the system in sufficient quantity, the effects of the air conditioning are no longer as effective as before. Like:

  • You only manage to get hot air.
  • Your windshield defrosts much more slowly than usual.

So, you must ask the mechanic to check the gas during every auto air conditioning service. However,  such consequences can also come from the faults in other parts, such as the compressor or the expansion valve.

Lastly –  Never Skip Air Conditioning Service

Poorly maintained air conditioning can lead to adverse effects, such as:

  • Noise pollution;
  • Deposits of bacteria;
  • High fuel consumption;
  • Unpleasant odors;
  • A polluted cabin;
  • Insufficient demisting of the windscreen.

So, one must never skip the air conditioning service.  Winter months bring many promotional offers, you should take advantage of it. Also, when buying a used vehicle, consult the maintenance book and check that the air conditioning is working correctly or not.  

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