How to Cook Filipino Food: Famous Filipino Dishes and Their International Versions

The diversity of Filipino food doesn’t just lie in regional differences. The cuisine has been inspired by different other cuisines such as Spanish, Chinese, and American, among others. That makes it easy for people who are just learning how to cook Filipino food to learn because you could liken some dishes to something from your own cuisine, being guided with your own knowledge to explore Filipino recipes. Here are some popular Filipino food and dishes they’re similar to from around the world!

how to cook Filipino food

Patis and Fish Sauce

Patis is technically the same as the fish sauce that’s used in other Southeast Asian recipes (especially in Thai cuisine).

Betamax and Blood Sausage

Betamax refers to cubed solidified chicken’s blood that’s served alongside grilled skewers at streetside barbecue carts. Its black color and square-ish shape make it look like Betamax tape, which explains the name. It’s similar to blood sausages, which are dried blood from pigs, cows, lamb, etc. You might know them as blood pudding from Ireland, morcilla from Spain, or sundae from South Korea.  

Lugaw and Congee

Lugaw is basically sticky rice boiled in water, which is very similar to Asian congee. The dish’s simplicity makes it easy to turn distinctly Filipino by injecting local ingredients and mixing local flavors into the dish to create a rainy day comfort food to your preference. Perhaps the most famous Filipino lugaw is arroz caldo, which is built from chicken broth and ginger.

Leche Flan and Creme Caramel

Leche flan is a sweet creamy custard-like dessert made of only water, sugar, eggs, egg yolks, evaporated and condensed milk, and caramel. France has a similar dish called creme caramel, which uses the same ingredients plus cream.

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