How to Choose Food for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a magical experience, and you want to make sure your big day is perfect. One of the most enjoyable elements is picking the wedding food. From the canapes to tide your guests over to the actual sit-down meal later in the day, there are plenty of things to think about when choosing food options. Here is a short guide to help you pick food that everyone will enjoy.

  1. Does Your Venue Offer Catering?

One of the easiest ways to do wedding food is to pick a caterer with an excellent reputation, and your wedding venue is a great place to start. Most venues offer catering of some sort, so before you do anything else, book a tasting session with yours. Not to mention, one of the most fun parts of wedding planning is trying out potential wedding food. Ask the caterer to create a few dishes so that you determine the perfect dishes for your guests. Most caterers will customize their menu to suit your palette, so don’t be afraid to make suggestions. At the same time, wedding caterers often have vast experience creating succulent dishes for wedding guests, so ask for their opinion about what to serve too.

  1. Choose a Seasonal Menu

Dishes made using seasonal ingredients always taste fresher and better. This is especially true if the ingredients have been locally sourced. Locally sourced, seasonal produce is also much better for the environment, and opting for a seasonal food will ensure your dishes taste good and are earth-friendly too. As mentioned earlier, an experienced caterer should be able to suggest a seasonal menu to suit your tastes.

  1. Cater to Your Guests

A magical wedding should revolve around the happiness of the bride and groom, but a thought should also be spared for the guests in terms of catering. Weddings can be lengthy events, so you want to make sure your guests are well-fed throughout the day. When collecting RSVPs, make sure you find out the dietary requirements of all your friends and family so that you can offer them something they can actually eat. Accommodating their needs will also reduce the risk of a guest suffering an allergic reaction at your wedding.

  1. Allow Your Guest to Help Themselves

An extravagant three-course meal is a norm for many weddings. Although this traditional full-service dinner is an elegant choice, offering a buffet-style meal gives your guests more freedom in their food choices. It also ensures you choose a variety of foods that suit all dietary requirements and eases the pressure of collecting food choices from wedding guests in advance. Allowing your guests to go up to the food station and pick their own food also gives them the chance to mingle with other guests.

  1. Don’t Forget the Late-Night Snacks

If your main wedding menu is served earlier in the day, or if you plan on partying on until late, make sure you give your guests something to munch on later in the evening. Delicious finger foods are an ideal late-night option.

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