How to Buy an Apple Watch Classic Buckle for Less

An Apple Watch is an expensive device worth investing. However, it doesn’t mean you should also spend a huge amount of money to buy a strap or band for it. When Apple offers bands at high prices, you can get a high-quality Apple Watch classic buckle at a low price at third-party suppliers. You can buy the best piece for your smartwatch without breaking your bank while considering some crucial things.

Whether you’ve just purchased the latest Apple Watch Series 6 or have been wearing an earlier series piece for the last many months, you require some add ons to improve the appearance and functionality of your smartwatch.  

One accessory that grabs the attention of Apple Watch wearers for the last few years is a classic buckle. 

What is an Apple Watch Classic Buckle

As the name suggests, the buckle is a classic strap that offers an elegant and decent look to the smartwatch. Over the years, the leather classic strap has changed in terms of design, material, and colour options. The first band was made of genuine calf leather, while the latest pieces feature a new calf leather that ages over time and becomes more attractive. 

The latest classic buckle Apple Watch band also features exterior leather grain and interior lining to offer a two-tone look. Also, the leather strap has colour-matched edge stitching. Apart from that, there is a spring-loaded buckle to make it easier to wear and remove the smartwatch.

Buying Apple Watch Leather Classic Buckle 

Although an Apple Watch comes with a strap, it is hard and uncomfortable to wear for several hours daily. You have an option to purchase an additional band for more comfort and an attractive appearance. However, buying an official leather buckle may cost you around $159 a piece. Rather than investing that much of money on one piece, you can reach a reliable third-party supplier and get the leather Apple Watch band at a price as low as $59.

When buying from a third-party supplier, ensure that:

  • The classic buckle is made of beautiful calf leather that ages naturally over time
  • The strap offers a dramatic two-tone look through its exterior leather grain and the interior lining
  • The band has colour-matched edge stitching
  • The buckle is available in multiple colours 
  • The classic leather strap features a spring-loaded buckle to make it easier to wear and remove the smartwatch

The best piece for your Apple Watch is one that features high-quality material, a modern buckle, and your favourite colour. Also, ensure that it complements your style and suits your personality. 

In the End

An Apple Watch classic buckle is a beautiful addition to a smartwatch that improves the appearance and functionality of the gadget. If you are looking for a high-quality, stylish classic buckle for your Apple Watch, come to iStrap. Browse the collection online and order a quality strap that holds power to make your smartwatch smarter than ever!

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