A Guide to Buying Hi-Visibility Uniforms – Everything That You Should Know


If you happen to know how hi-visible clothing came into existence, then you need to know about Bob Switzer, the founder of hi-vis apparel. Bob along with a few of his close friends made hi-visibility clothing in the 1930s when he was harmed while emptying cases in Berkley, California.

 His said physical issue harmed his visual perception, as well as forbidding him from seeking him from becoming a doctor – a lifelong dream that he envisioned since his childhood.  After the occurrence, Mr. Switzer set out to find an answer for the improvement and wellbeing of places and how hi-visibility clothing would reform the standards of the workplace.

To achieve this crucial task, he worked together with his sibling Joe, who had been examining fluorescent synthetic compounds for quite a long while. Together, the Switzer siblings utilized Joe’s information on the substance utilizes with Bob’s comprehension of the working environment to start growing early models of reflective materials.

After a few examinations and tests when things started to make sense, Bob and Joe were at long last fruitful in delivering the primary fluorescent paint, and named it “Day-Glo” on account of its capacity to make materials sparkle like they were shining in the sunlight. Little did they knew that this innovation would become a leading transformation in the clothing line and how much it would benefit the workers in the future. 

When the siblings found a steady and safe blend, Bob applied the recently developed “Day-Glo” to his better half’s wedding dress. This utilization of “Day-Glo” paint was the first formation of custom hi-visibility workwear that is famous in the market of today.

Alongside being applied to working apparel to improve the wellbeing of the workers, the sibling’s fluorescent paint observed extraordinary achievement when it was applied to film banners and other advertising materials. 

The Switzer siblings saw fast selection of their “Day-Glo” paint innovation after they began improving the standards thereby creating a lot of buzz in the market. In any case, it was not until World War II that their amazing creation began to develop in ubiquity and understand the full effect it can have on the people’s safety.

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 During the war, many industries were shut down causing a ruckus to the economy, but with construction industry booming up, more jobs opened in that particular sector, creating opportunity for the Switzer brothers to sell their stuff in the market.

Visibility is a high security that holds utmost importance in almost any activity, and in the utilizations moving hardware. This incorporates the staff working on the railroads, construction buildings, oil and gas industries, manufacturing industries, and many more.

 What you should look for when shopping for hi-visibility apparel?

Large over-sized articles of clothing are more noticeable than the little ones. Protection from all around the body (360°) gives better perceivability from all the directions. Stripes of shading appear differently on the foundation material, and give a great deal of perceivability. Stripes on the arms and legs can likewise be useful, giving visual insights about the movement of the individual wearing the article of clothing. 

Always take this into consideration, irrespective of your budget or the brand you choose, remember that hi-visibility clothing is different from another. Suppose that you are a manager in a warehouse company, and you have quite a lot of labor and staff working under your belt.

You need to decisive of your uniform choices, evaluate and assess while making a final decision on the set of uniforms. Make sure to include your budget and shop accordingly. Remember, quality matters and not quantity.

At the point when foundation material is brightly colored or in fluorescent designs, it is expected to be exceptionally obvious yet isn’t proposed to give a great deal of reflective support.

There is a striking difference between hi-visible uniforms and reflective materials

So what’s better in your opinion – A branded hi-visibility dress or a reflective uniform? As per the application, the distinction could decide the wearer’s security level in low-light circumstances. Having sure you realize that effect is of essential significance.

The fluorescent material is produced with light-changing over colors that are intended to upgrade the light in the noticeable range, mirroring extra light from the texture. Along these lines, exceptionally designed garments are better utilized where more elevated levels of UV light are available in the daytime. Since artificial light provides a restricted range of UV light, the fluorescent dress does minimal good at the evening time. 

Retroreflective materials are best under low-light-level conditions making them a formidable choice for uniforms. While retroreflective materials can in any case reflect in the sunshine, there is little distinction between the light reflected from the article of clothing’s material and the general condition. This absence of complexity makes retroreflective materials insufficient for upgraded perceivability during (radiant) daytime conditions. 

Ending note

We hope that you have understood a little by know how hi-visible and reflective materials work, and how important they are in the uniform market. For any worker getting exposed to hazardous and life threating environment, these protective materials provide sufficient protection, offering breathability and support for the people.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding uniforms, or you would like to know more about hi-visibility clothing, you can always reach out to us in the description box below.

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