Gear Shaping-Production Of Finished Gears

Production of finished gears has become an important aspect nowadays. Giving of finishing touch matters a lot. Gear shaping is the correction of errors in helical angle, eccentricity, errors in the index, and tooth profile. It helps in the improvement of the tooth surface. They also help in eliminating the formation of a crowned tooth. Shaping helps in the reduction of the noise of gear. It helps in the attainment of the highest quality finishing. For gear shaping, shaping cutters are used. They help in the production of adequately finished and efficient gear. It is possible to shave both internal and external gear. It is a uni-source for the execution of finishing work of gears and enhancing the gears’ quality. The gear cutter has helped in revolutionizing the production sector of gears. Gear shaping has many benefits, which have been discussed below:-

1) Cost/performance ratio-It is the most widely used process compared to all the other methods of finishing gear teeth. It provides a tremendous advantage during mass production of batches as it leads to the best cost/performance ratio.

2) Higher production rate-Most of the gears which are in gearboxes can be shaved. As compared to grinding, the shaping machine has a much higher growth rate.

Gear grinding provides the advantage of noise control offered by ground transmission, but it is very costly as compared to gear shaping. The gearbox’s level of noise is not only dependent on the accuracy of the gear but also the conditions of gear bore, shaft rectilinearity, general shaft alignment, etc.

3) Quality enhancement-The gears which are not correctly finished may not stay in the market. But if excellent gear shaping is done to the gears, it will enhance their quality. Best finishing is done to make it ready for best performance.

4) Provides efficiency-Shaping done with the help of shaping cutter provides efficient finishing of the gear. The making and cutting with the use of a shaping cutter lead to the formulating of finishing in the gears.

5) Shorter product cycle-Main advantage of gear shaping is the shorter product cycle time and suitable for making medium and large-sized gears in mass production with good quality finishing.It helps in the production of good quality gears in a short span of time.

We can say that shaping is a process where precise shaping tools and machines are required to make the gear design match perfectly with the designer’s design. During the process workpiece and cutter work together. The shaping cutter receives the strength from the motor, which helps in moving the shaft. Manufacturing of grooves is done with cutter flanks, which forms a series of cutting edges. The production level of the gear shaping machine is also more as compared to the grinding machine.

Gear shaping help in increasing the capacity of load-carrying by the gear. It helps in the metal removal from the surface of gear teeth. One can use any gear shaper cutter during the shaping process. Shaping also results in superior finishing.

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