Flaunt Your Curve With Spray Tanning

Gone are the days when tanning was considered to make your skin look dark, as now people are going crazy over the spray tanning to get fake tanning. You must be wondering why people are going crazy over spray tanning? Then it is because of the fact that tanning will define as well as bring your curves and cut perfectly. So, when the natural tan is not possible, then you can avail the service of spray tanning Oklahoma City to get the fake tanning. You must know the cosmetic industry has a solution for everything, be it tanning or any other thing related to your skin.

What is Spray Tan?

It is an artificial process by which you can get the golden glaze on your skin. The spray that is used in this process consists of dihydroxyacetone (DHA); this ingredient is the carbohydrate which is derived from the sugar beets and sugar cane. The reaction that occurs in your skin by using the tan spray is similar to what happens when potatoes are roasted. The color of the potato gets changed; likewise, the color of the skin also changes. The amino acid which is present on your skin surface reacts with the DHA of the spray, which results in the tanned skin. The tan that you get from DHA will last only for 3-10 days and depends on lots of factors. The spray may even have erythrulose, which comes from red raspberries. By using the erythrulose and DHA in the tanning product, you can be sure that your tan will last for a very long time and will give you the most attractive skin tone. However, you may think whether organic spray tan OKC is safe to use or not? Let’s find more about this tanning process.

Is Spray Tanning Safe or Not?

FDA has approved spray tanning to be used for cosmetic purposes and is extremely safe. However, inhaling DHA is not safe, but it is impossible for you not to inhale it when you are getting tan. You can take precaution while getting spray tan and it will be a lot better than sunbathing till the time you are not doing it in excess.

Prepare for Spray Tan

While preparing for best spray tan OKC, you need to follow some tips, and they are:

  • You have to finish the shaving waxing at least 12 hours before you get into the tanning session. Moreover, if you do the spray tan just after the waxing session, then at that time, your skin pores are open, and your skin is delicate so that tanning may irritate you. If your skin is sensitive, then be extra careful as spray tanning may cause redness or small patches.
  • If you are exfoliating your skin before tanning session, then it is excellent as it will remove the dead cell and will create a perfect base for the tan.
  • You can moisturize your skin by using the light moisturizer.
  • Drinking a lot of water before and after doing tanning will help in increasing the lifespan of the tan.
  • Before booking the tanning session, you need to talk to the technicians and then look for the shade card to see which tan will look good with your skin tone. Researching is important before you book spray tanning Oklahoma City salon sessions as one color will not fit every skin tone.
  • You have to plan when you want your tan session to be held; you should book the spray tanning session two days before the event.
  • You have to avoid taking a hot shower as then it will increase the longevity of the skin tan.

So, don’t worry and book the best tan session to get the perfect tanning on your skin to flaunt your curve.

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