10 Fashionable Gifts For Men To Spruce Up Their Travel


There is always that ONE person in everyone’s life whose life is predefined by the travels they usually undertake. The only idea that stirs up the LION within the man is their impulse in traveling and landing up in a ‘No Man’s Land’. It would merely become a jaunt around the globe when it coming to the ideal gifting ideas for these travel junkies. 

The gifts can range from anything, it can be a travel pillow, or a t-shirt screen printing done personalized mainly for travelers or it can also be a compass. These might sound weird but check out the list we have brought for you today that would easily make up any travel junkie shriek up with happiness!

1. Funky Passport Covers

There is always the risk of one’s passport undergoing wear and tear. There is a huge difficulty in lugging around one’s handbag or a satchel that would be holding their passport in tow at all times. And this is the thing that has been well-noted. 

These covers can dress up the passports pretty well so that they do not undergo the wear and tear. You can easily buy those funky pre-designed cover as you can have it customized with personalized quotes as well as the images.

2. Customized Sand Jewelry

You can also gift the perfect personalized memento for eternalizing the special trip when you have the option for the rings, pendants, earrings, tie bars and cuff links with the sand that is encased in resin. 

Are you wondering how you would be sourcing the sand for the customized gift that you have chosen to have? You will get several samples of the earth from over 3,000 locations that are there in the inventory as there are sandbanks around the world.

3. Travel Pillows

These are the blessings for anyone who are spending HELL lot of their precious time in traveling. You need to buy something different from that of the regular pillows and complete the one with the magnets and the suctions cups as this would fit every sleeping style and the mode that is set in for traveling. 

If you are unable to find a single travel accessory store than you can get hold of the online stores as they offer a wide range of customized services also with all over print shirts.

4. Digital Luggage Scales

If you know someone who likes to pack in everything, ‘just in case’, a digital luggage scale is a practical gift to stop them from going overboard and paying exorbitant fees for extra luggage at the airport. This lightweight, compact device can easily fit into even the most packed bags and comes in handy everywhere you go. You can buy it at any multi-utility store or order one online.

5. Sound Grenade

In the flight, pepper sprays are not invited in though they are the best way of getting rid of the dangers that are lurking. However, the best alternative to this is the sound grenade. 

They are of the size of the key fob and is capable enough of repelling the attackers with the generation of about 120 decibels of noise. You can easily get hold of one online.

6. Journeys of a Lifetime

Not every traveler would be running out on the roads without any reason as good inspirations never hurt. People usually make trips out there with the books that are compiled by some of the best travel writers offering some rare insights to some of the most charming destinations that are there in the world. This would be the perfect gift for firing off that wanderlust.

7. Scratch Maps

This is usually a world map that is covered well in gold and silver foil when it comes to the scratch map. A person would be removing the foil layering off the destination as well as the country that has been visited once. This is similar to a checklist but a fancier one. 

These would be making the most fabulous gift for the quintessential globe trotters.  The traveler will be on the nostalgic trip down to their memory lane and at the same time with every untouched destination making up for the compelling travel goals on taking a single glimpse of the map.

8. Travel Journals

This does not mean that the classic blank book in the leather casing would be the smartest modern age journal doubling up as a planner as well as a translator; it carries pockets for the storage of the smaller knick-knacks as well as the keepsakes. 

These would come up competing with the funniest prompts, along with the sections of the bucket list the set of some ideal questionnaires. This is the best gift that a traveler will ever behave in their mind.

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