Driverless transport –how far will it go?


Dubai is aiming to incorporate driverless public transport into its traffic. This will make Dubai the first city in the world to have driverless transport. This transport does not just include taxis but also buses. Having such a huge transport move around safely without a driver is an eye opener to the possibilities.

This technology is being tested and has shown successful results. It is raising questions on the range of possibilities that can come around by integrating it into different kinds of transport and even machinery, which is usually driven by operators like heavy lift transport. Since there are talks about driverless transport and flying taxis, having such a fascinating technology might even enable shift solution companies to cut down labor costs by a whole lot. Since they do not just lend out freight but also provide manpower to operate these.

The manpower in Dubai is limited and requires freight forwarders to hire them from abroad and work around the formalities and legalities of their visa sponsorship. Self driven and self operating freight will cut down a lot of this hassle. 

Even though freight forwarding agencies will still require the necessary labor to perform other tasks other than operating and driving transport and machinery, this will seem like a dream come true. However, the idea also seems dangerous since the kind of freight these agencies require driven is gigantic and highly complicated. A simple mishap can lead to extreme damage and even loss of lives. 

Only time can tell what the future holds and the way this world is rapidly developing and new kinds of technology is being introduced every day, it is really a query. Maybe we will stop at driverless public transport and flying taxis or maybe we will see a land transport company soon introducing driverless freight as well. 

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