Choosing The Right Bikini According To Your Body Type

The weather is lovely, summer is almost in full swing, which means it’s time to buy some new bikinis! Whether you are going on holiday to a tropical country or your nearest beach, nothing is better than to shine in a bikini that makes you feel good. There is no doubt that mix & match is the new trend of 2020. Combine the best-colored Bandeau bikini top and stylish bottom to create your dream outfit. But how do you choose a bikini that best suits your figure?

Here are some tips that can help you to choose the perfect bikini according to your body type:

Wide Shoulder

With broad shoulders, it is better to choose a bikini top as it makes the shoulder optically narrower. A bikini top with straps that fall right over your shoulders is a perfect choice for you. Combined with a striking bottom for a great look.

Bikini For Narrow Shoulders

The straps of a triangle bikini give a broadening effect on your shoulders. Your shoulders also appear wider with a halter model. A striking bandeau bikini top will divert the attention from your narrow shoulders.

Bikini For Large Breasts

Support is most important with a large bust. A Bikini top with underwires and broader shoulder straps is a must for you. Make the cup a bit fuller and choose a bikini top without noticeable voluminous details. It is better not to have a bikini top with ruffles, beads, bows, or very busy prints.

Bikini For Small Breasts

Create volume with padding/pads or visually with a polka-dot or floral printed Bikini top. The bright colors and shiny fabrics of a triangle bikini with a raised waistline are the most appropriate choices. It will make your breasts look a bit bigger. 

Bikini For Full Arms

Focus on your arms as little as possible by opting for wider, regular straps that run in a straight line across your shoulders. In a daffodil bikini top, your arms are more likely to appear fuller. You can also go with the cherriz bikini top to make your arms look perfect. 

Bikini For Thin Arms

All types of halter tops look nice with thinner arms. A top with narrower straps also looks good. Although, make sure you have a longer distance between the bikini top and the bottom to look more attractive. 

Bikini For A Belly

If you don’t feel so good in a bikini because of your belly, then don’t worry, we have something special for you. You can wear an airavata triton bikini to hide your belly. This way, you can enjoy the bikini style without any hesitation. Besides, you can wear swimwear too if you don’t like wearing bikinis at all. But believe us, once you try this suggestion, you won’t ever think of swimwear as an alternative. 

Bikini For Wide Hips

If you have wider hips, emphasize your upper body with a striking bikini top with beautiful prints and colors. A Bandeau bikini top in a darker color will look good on you.

Bikini For Narrow Hips

Narrow hips appear slightly wider due to striking colored or printed bottoms. Ruffles, fringes, and bows also help to enlarge your hips visually.

Too Skinny

If you are skinny, then you should wear a bikini with a straight or loose-fitting top. Opt for tops having horizontal effects such as a stripe design. This will help you look a bit large. For you, Amazona Liguria bikini or a breezy surfer bikini top would be an appropriate fit.

Picking Shades Isn’t That Easy!

Because you see a lot of bare skin in a bikini, it is essential to choose a color that matches your skin. If you are already quite brown, a bright shade such as red or yellow and even white is beautiful. If your skin is very white, choose a color that is not too faded and not white or black. A middle color like orange will probably suit you best.

Final Words

This is how you can choose the best bikini according to your body type. Of course, everyone has their own unique, beautiful bikini figure, and you should especially wear what you like. We can only suggest to you, but you must always go with your heart.  

Share your bikini shopping experience in the comment section below. We would love to hear them. 

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