Buying a Used Golf Course Mower and Its Maintenance Tips

Golf course mowers are the basic requirements to maintain turf of different areas at a uniform height. When we talk about trimming grass in a large area of around 30 hectares, it means, powerful machinery with high precision potential is required. John Deere golf course mowers are among the primary preferences of many golf captains throughout the world. This company has been in existence since 1930 and improvising different types of golf course mowers to achieve excellence. Ergonomic design and powerful engines are the two main reasons behind their heavy demand. The problem is, your purpose cannot be served with single mowing equipment. 

For different areas of maintenance, you need golf course mowers of different sizes and shapes. Also, the mechanism of tee box mowers differs from a rough area. You need both reel and rotary mowers which is obviously a huge investment. If the price tags are not suiting your budget, there is also an option of used John Deere golf course equipment for sale. They are available at pre-owned golf course equipment sellers and can be bought in excellent condition by considering some useful tips i.e. 

  • Always choose a multi-brand used golf course equipment seller who can offer multiple equipment of the same model in different conditions. 
  • Don’t buy a used golf course equipment without a warranty against technical faults. 
  • Choose equipment that is not discontinued by the manufacturer because finding OEM parts for discontinued models become very difficult. 
  • Search for authorized John Deere golf course mowers service centers in your locality. If no such technical support is available, your investment will go worthless once a technical fault occurs. 

Even after considering all these precautions, always remember that used equipment requires more care as compared to brand new models. Therefore, maintain their value by following these important tips. 

Tips to maintain used John Deere golf course mowers

  1. Drain the remaining fuel whether it is diesel or gasoline at the end of every mowing session. Obsolete fuel is one of the main reasons behind the engine’s malfunctioning.
  2. Don’t ignore the manual before starting the use of golf course equipment. There are several features and precaution tips mentioned in the manual of John Deere golf mowers to help in increasing the life of a machine. 
  3. Clean the rotary and reel blades properly after finishing with your job every time. Every time you trim grass, a thick layer of particles stubbornly stick on the surface of blades that cause corrosion and malfunctioning after some time. 
  4. Check the engine oil and other lubricants timely to avoid any kind of damage due to friction. 
  5. Worn-out spark plugs also reduce the efficiency of an engine. They are easy to replace and affordable. Therefore, change the old spark plugs if you notice the reduction in motor efficiency. 

If there is a genuine used John Deere golf course mower seller in your contact, don’t hesitate to make an investment. With proper maintenance and considering the tips for buying, you can crack a very affordable deal. 

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