7 Amazing Winter Special Desserts

The chilly, windy season of winter approaches us. We curl up by lighting a bonfire and a hot cup of tea or coffee. From appreciating the beauty of the snow-covered or dew drops covered trees and fields to cuddle up with our warmest friends and family under a quilt, winter works its magic in a mysterious way. One of the nicest things about winters is the wide, lip-smacking variety of desserts that we all get to relish throughout this season. Some of these desserts are Indian while some are exotic, in their place of origin. Some are made with seasonal winter fruits, veggies and dry fruits, whereas some others have a special winter-related significance, etched to them. We bet, you already have started salivating! Without much ado, let’s move to know what are these amazing top 7 winter special desserts. Bon Appetit!

  1. Gajar Ka Halwa – Made with a seasonal sweet veggie, carrot (aka Gajar), this sweet delicacy is prepared with a particular amount of water, milk and sugar, cardamom. And it is further topped up with large scoops of ghee which is what makes this Indian dessert absolutely to die for. Before serving, dry fruit shavings are topped up for garnishing this homely dessert. 
  2. Nolen Gurer Sondesh – Popular across West Bengal, India, Nolen gurer Sondesh is made with Indian cottage cheese and date-palm jaggery (aka Nolen Gur). The sweet fudge-like amalgamation of these two main ingredients makes it one of the popular Bengali sweet, of all times. The inimitable, melt in mouth taste of this Indi-version of fudge dessert is absolutely drool-worthy.
  3. Imarti – Imarti or Amriti is an eminent dessert belonging to India and Bangladesh. It is said that the origin of this sweet treat dates back to the Vedic era. Often confused with another eminent Indian dessert called Jalebi, Imarti is made by deep-frying flour batter into a circular flower-like shape and thereby dipped into the sugar syrup. 
  4. Plum Cake – Most of us Indians have a soft corner for plum cakes as one of our fondest Christmas memories is sure to include plum cakes in our joyous celebrations. Plum cakes are dry cakes usually made with nuts, dried fruits, butter and regular cake batter.
  5. Hot Chocolate – What summers are to icecreams, winters are to hot chocolate. A delicious drinking dessert made with hot liquid chocolate which is often served with chocolate shavings, melted chocolate or with cacao powder. It is further topped up with marshmallows and whipped cream. 
  6. Rum Cake – Rum is one such liquor which when relished during the chilly winter season provides us warmth. One such popular dessert made with this liquor is a scrumptiously baked rum cake. In many foreign countries, it’s a traditional festive dessert item. It is said to be descended from the pudding family. Rum cakes contain some dried fruits soaked in rum other than regular cake ingredients. 
  7. Gond Ke Laddoo – It is not just a dessert, but a cure for strengthening the body with much-needed energy and warmth. Gond ke Laddoo is enjoyed by every Indian during the winter season as it is said to have some major medicinal properties. This sweet delicacy is made with Gond or edible gum, whole wheat flour, crushed almonds, cashews, desi ghee and other such energy-giving, nutritious ingredients. These are said to be immensely rich in protein, calcium and iron. 

So these were some of our winter-special dessert suggestion shared by Bakingo – cake bakery in Bangalore. Make your winters special over these sweet winters, mostly desi delicacies. Kyunki Aakhir Dil Hai Hindustani!

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