5 unique and popular gold ring designs in London, UK

Gold is a precious metal that has been admired since a very long time in all cultures. It is a versatile metal that finds applications in dentistry, medicine, electronics, statues and jewellery. This beautiful metal can be used to make various items of jewellery and is most popularly used to make gold rings. Gold rings were extremely popular during the 19th century when almost all wedding bands were made out of gold. Even when diamonds were introduced to the market, they were generally paired with a gold setting to make attractive rings. The gold metal today has still not lost its charm in spite of the introduction of alternative metals like platinum and silver. The gold rings have evolved from a simple metal band to intricate designs paired with various stones. Mentioned below are some of the unique and popular gold ring designs in London.

Carved gold rings

Carved gold rings have become increasingly popular recently because of their simplicity and beauty. It consists of a thin gold metal band which has a beautiful design carved out all throughout its perimeter. When it comes to engagement rings, these exquisitely carved gold bands are one of the most popular engagement rings in London. Effortlessly extravagant and classy, these rings are affordable and have a unique design.

Classic gold band with a twist

When it comes to gold rings, the current trend is to use an ordinary gold band and upgrade it to give it a more modern look. For example, instead of wearing a simple gold band you could wear a textured gold band which has a more modern feel to it. The braided or twisted gold band and the spiral shaped gold finger rings have also become popular over the past year. An additional accent to the regular gold band also makes for modern style ring.

Gold signet rings

Signet rings were once considered as things of the past but they have made a comeback into the world of jewellery and are here to stay. Gold signet rings are highly versatile and can be worn by both men and women. Thick banded rings with embedded diamonds or rings embossed with personalized details such as the initials of your partner or the family crest have increased in demand.

Gold rings paired with stones

A simple gold band topped with a diamond solitaire makes for a timeless piece of jewellery. Since the introduction of diamonds and alternative gemstones in the market, metallic gold has been paired with stones to create beautiful rings such as the pave set diamond eternity ring and the quirky offset stone rings. Multi-toned rings set in gold have a distinctive appearance and are very attractive to the eye. Colored gemstones such as ruby, emerald, yellow diamond and peridot make for a contrasting combination when paired with a gold setting giving a unique touch to the ring. A variety of such designs are available in the Hatton Gardens engagement rings collection in London.

Stackable rings

The easiest way to make your ring stand out is to customize it. And you can do this by not just getting something personal carved on to it but also by matching it with other designs and stacking it up on your finger. Simple or textured gold bands along with pave set eternity ring makes for a beautiful stackable ring. You can also get creative and mix and match various ring designs to create a stackable ring of your choice.

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