3 Things for Your Wedding That Should be Chosen First

Getting engaged with the person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with marks the beginning of an exciting and memorable time in your life together. You can start to make real plans for your future together and invite others to share in your joy and excitement. You will also, of course, need to take on the task of planning your special day.

Once all of the excitement of your engagement settles, you might find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of having to plan such a big day. There are many aspects of planning a wedding that can become stressful, and if you aren’t careful, you can end up feeling less excited about your wedding day than you should be.

The best thing that you can do is start brainstorming ideas for your wedding as soon as you and your spouse-to-be are able. While you will find the list of things to plan and do for your event rather long at times, starting with the big-ticket items is a good idea.

Here are three things for your wedding that you should look to choose at the start so that you can enjoy as smooth a planning process as possible.

1. Your Venue

While there are so many smaller details that are going to come into play for your wedding day, taking care of the big-ticket items first is essential. The simple fact is that you can decide on different napkins later if you wish, but the venue that you select is not so easily changed.

Your venue is going to help set the tone for all the other decisions that you make. Moreover, having a location locked down early is important, especially for any guests that might be traveling in from out of town.

Make a list with your fiancé to find out what you want from the venue you choose. Options like The Society Room will provide you with an upscale and elegant setting, while an outdoor venue of sorts can create a more rustic feel for your event.

With your venue chosen and confirmed, you can then start to work on other aspects of your wedding.

2. Catering

Once you have your venue chosen, you can then start to look for caterers. The venue you opt for might have a set list of vendors that they have contracted with, or they might allow you to bring in whatever food you like. Make sure to ask about catering before signing your contract with your venue.

3. The Guest List

Your wedding day is going to be so hectic that you will be lucky to remember all of the little details that you painstakingly selected for the day. However, the thing that you will remember is the people who were there to celebrate with you.

Creating a guest list for your wedding can be a bit tricky at times. Start narrowing down your list early so that you and your future spouse can ensure that all of the important people in your lives are in attendance.

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